Delta Sleep International is pleased to bring you some of the top trainers, consultants and thought leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine. This is your chance to hear directly from the experts that are transforming our industry to help you improve your business.


Dr. Jonathan Lown is a highly-regarded physician board certified in the areas of Sleep, Internal Medicine and Lipidology and is a Diplomate of Sleep and Internal Medicine -ABIM. He is the Clinical Director of Delta Sleep Center of Long Island, and Co-founder of Delta Sleep International, established to disseminate knowledge about Sleep, worldwide. In addition, Dr. Lown is Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook University Medical School.

Doctor Lown is passionate about treating patients with sleep difficulties including Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea himself in 2000, and has been a compliant CPAP user for over 17 years. He has also partnered with Sleep Dentists, to improve awareness and treatment alternatives for OSA and is an active member of both the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine), and is a member of the AADSM education committee. 


Dr. Kent Smith is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and American Sleep and Breathing Academy, is on the Advisory Committee of the Australasian Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and is President of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. In 2007, he was asked to start a sleep curriculum at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and in 2012, he was the first in Texas to be awarded a Dental Sleep Medicine Facility Accreditation. In 2013, he was asked to host a weekly radio show on sleep disorders, now hosting “Pillow Talk”, heard 3 times weekly on KAAM 770 in the Dallas area. He runs two sleep practices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and has been speaking on many topics related to sleep both nationally and internationally for the last 15 years.


Dr. Arthur Feigenbaum is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and co-founder of Delta Sleep International. He is dental director both at Delta Sleep Center of Long Island and Sleep Diagnostics of New York. Dr. Feigenbaum has been a lecturer and consultant on Dental Sleep Medicine. He also does Dental Sleep Medicine for Holistic Dentists of New York and has been in private practice for over 35 years. Dr. Feigenbaum has been on the board of trustees of the Queens County Dental Society for the past 5 years and is also a committee member for the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.


Jayme Matchinski draws on her extensive experience in health and corporate law to help health care companies handle the complex regulatory and operational issues unique to the industry. She assists with compliance, reimbursement, licensure and certification issues affecting health care providers, as well as with the purchase, sale and formation of health care entities.

Jayme, the former vice president of a national health care consulting firm, has successfully represented health care providers in reimbursement claims against insurance carriers and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She works with physicians and health care systems in the licensure, certification, legal structure and reimbursement structuring of post-acute venues of care, including sleep disorder centers, rehabilitation hospitals and facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

She has significant experience in the area of sleep medicine and since 2005 has written the “Legal Notes” column in A2Zzz Magazine, a publication of the American Association of Sleep Technologists. She covers regulatory, reimbursement, compliance, operational and contract issues that could potentially impact sleep disorder centers.


Cindy White is an Education Consultant with Noridian Healthcare Solutions providing DMEPOS education to suppliers in both jurisdictions A and D. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Eastern Washington University and has been with Noridian since the fall of 2012. Prior to joining Noridian, Cindy spent 17 years working in the DMEPOS industry for a respiratory supplier, bringing a unique perspective and strong desire to provide quality education to the supplier community.

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Randy Curran has help over one thousand dental practices on the financial side of dental sleep medicine with the direct supervision of the collection of over $30 million dollars for dental sleep medicine treatments. With over 11 years billing for all aspects of sleep medicine, he has wealth of knowledge with medical insurance coverage criteria and expected reimbursements.   

Randy loves helping practices and the patients they serve together.   He and his team at Pristine Medical Billing embed their services as an extension of the practice and currently process over 800 sleep patients monthly. Randy has always been on the cutting edge of maximizing reimbursement while protecting the practices from audits with proper coding and collections protocols.

With always keeping the mentality of having enough hands on deck to serve, Randy has grown his billing team to over 30 employees while billing in 47 states across the nation.     

To optimize service in your practice, Randy and Pristine Medical Billing hold the key to providing the most up to date and accurate verifications of benefits with estimated out of pocket responsibility for your patients.  This is the #1 obstacle that stumps treatment and financial coordinators when trying to close patients

Beyond his accomplishments and credibility in the sleep medicine world, Randy is a loving husband and father to a wonderful family.  Some of his family even shares in his passion for healthcare.  His wife Pam is an ER respiratory therapist and his two oldest children also work for the company.  Together, they are committed to improving and saving lives.  That motivation they carry into their day-to-day lives, provides the “why” in their purpose to serve. 


Dr. Ellen Crean Dr. Crean has spent over 25 years in the dental and medical community providing care to patients. Dr. Crean started her career in health care as a Registered Dental Hygienist holding a Masters Degree in Public Health. After earning her Dental Degree, Dr. Crean spent 10 years working in craniofacial pain and TMD.  She also spent ample time with sleep patients as a partner in the Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Center of Arizona. While working with this special group of patients & practitioners it became apparent to Dr. Crean that the correlation between orofacial anatomy and sleep breathing disorders was an area that needed further research. This led her to pursue her second terminal degree, a PhD in neurobiology with an emphasis in sleep medicine.

Combining dentistry, sleep medicine, and her unique paradigm to the field, Dr. Crean founded Sleep Alternatives, LLC. Sleep Alternatives partners with physicians, sleep technicians, respiratory therapists, and sleep labs to provide oral appliance therapy for patients suffering from sleep breathing disorders.  This multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and management of sleep breathing disorders has helped Sleep Alternatives build 8 successful locations throughout Arizona and Utah. 

Dr. Crean has taught nationally on oral appliance therapy for sleep breathing disorders. Her expertise focuses on the business, insurance and clinical aspects of oral appliance therapy. Her specialty areas are medical insurance, Medicare, Medical and Legal Documentation, as well as Establishing Productive Physician-Dentist Relationships in Sleep Medicine.

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Megan Cheever, RN, has been in the medical field for half her life, but does not like that reminder. Having spent many years billing for a neurology practice, she learned the nuances of insurance and how to navigate the minefield without getting blowed up. She is the Director of Operations for Brady Billing, and has limited her focus to dental sleep billing for the last 5 years. Having spoken on this topic at numerous conferences, her Q&A sessions often last longer than the lecture. Come prepared to download a terabyte of knowledge, because Megan will BRING it.


Lesia Crawford is the CEO and co-founder of GoGo Billing. For the past 8 years, the firm has specialized in medical billing for dentists with an emphasis on Dental Sleep Medicine. She possesses over twenty years of dental experience as an assistant, office manager, consultant, and now as co-owner along with Dr. Stacey Layman of Go To Sleep, a dedicated dental sleep practice located in Phoenix, AZ.